Autumn in L.A.

Los Angeles isn’t famous for its Fall season. While the leaves on most of our trees don’t change to oranges and reds, we do get to enjoy 75 degree weather and go bike riding at the beach any day of the year.

ESN-LA took advantage of this beautiful time of year and went on a hike through Griffith Park to the famous Observatory located in the Hollywood Hills.

The morning started with coffee and breakfast at The Trails, a rustic cafe at the base of the park. Is apple pie a good pre-hike breakfast? ESN students say “Absolutely, yes!” Blues, Kevin’s French Bulldog, even joined us for some exercise.

Getting fresh air, some sunshine on your skin, and exercising become very important at this time of year. The sun is setting earlier and the days are becoming cooler. As a result, many of us might want to sleep more and stay at home. But, being active helps our mental health.

While hiking, we had to snap some shots with the world famous Hollywood sign!

After our 3 mile hike, we finally made it to the Observatory. Students had time to throw the football around and play a few games of frisbee. Most visitors come at night, but going during the day provides a much different experience.

Did you see La La Land? If so, you also saw some of the Griffith Observatory’s beauty. Check it out here!


rustic (adj) – old with a country vibe

base (n) – bottom

mental health (n) – a person’s emotional and social well-being

snap some shots (phrase) – take some photos