ESN-NYC: The Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image was once a famous film studio for silent films. Today, it is one of the only film museums of its kind, located in Queens, New York. The museum offers an interesting look at film and television history through old, archive footage and antique equipment. The museum also includes cutting-edge exhibitions on technology.

Jim Henson’s storyboarding

In July, the ESN-NYC students went to The Museum of The Moving Image. There, they visited an exhibition entitled The New Genres: Video in the Internet Age which showed clips from popular YouTube video personalities.  Students also got a chance to learn hands-on techniques with interactive exhibitions.

One student, Michiru explained, “They showed us a lot of small models and special effects make-up, which was very helpful.” The Museum of the Moving Image is a great way to see the history of film unfold before your eyes.

Star Wars figurines

Another student, Chian, said, “I saw a lot of real things such as scripts and props so I could learn about film history, so it was very interesting for me. I want to go back again!”


footage (n.) – filmed material for a movie

antique (adj.) – an old object that has a high value

cutting-edge (adj.) – the most advanced development of something

hands-on (adj.) – active participation and not just learning from reading about something