• Magnolia Park Walking Tour

    It was a beautiful day to be outside, and the ESL School at NYFA students in Los Angeles took to the streets. Students and teachers set out on a walking tour through the Magnolia Park area to get a street-level view of Burbank’s rich mural scene. In addition to the colorful murals, students saw many thrift stores, unique boutiques & shops, and local museums.

    “My favorite mural was the Statue of Liberty calling for people to spread love and save the Earth,” said Rui Li, a student from China.

    Magnolia Park Walking Tour Magnolia Park Walking Tour Magnolia Park Walking Tour Magnolia Park Walking Tour Magnolia Park Walking Tour Magnolia Park Walking Tour Magnolia Park Walking Tour

    Vocabulary Builder

    1) Murala form of artwork that consists of painting directly onto a wall or ceiling

    2) Thrift storea store that sells secondhand items

    3) Secondhandhaving had a previous owner; not new

    4) Uniqueunlike anything else

    5) Boutiquea small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories


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  • A Friday at the High Line

    The High Line is a stunning park that is 30 feet above street level located in bustling lower Manhattan. There are restaurants, galleries, and magnificent views, but its star attraction is the 1.45 mile walk way that stretches from 34th street all the way to 14th street.

    a friday at the high line - nyc

    The ESL School at NYFA (ESN) students made their way there early Friday morning, meeting first at the Vessel.  “It was different than I imagined from the photos. I was excited that we can have conversation exercises near all the great sceneries,” says Pedro Ozimica, a first year student from Chile.

    a friday at the high line - nyc

    After enjoying their morning coffee, the students workshopped their screenplays. The ESN students workshopped their screenplays to make sure that their scripts are tight and ready for the production phase of their short films later in the session.

    Later in the afternoon, the students participated in a mini scavenger hunt, an activity to practice their conversational skills. They must first find the locations posted on Flip, a video discussion and sharing app, and then they create a short video, speaking about the significance of the locations.

    a friday at the high line - nyc

    “It was so refreshing to be outside of the classroom and see a different side of the city,” says Yeva Sevriukova, an aspiring actress from Ukraine.

    All in all, the students will never forget their experience at the High Line in NYC.

    Vocabulary Words

    Stunning (adj) – extremely extraordinary

    Bustling (adj) – full of activity

    Magnificent (adj) – impressive

    Workshop (v) – an intensive group discussion to explore aspects of production before staging.

    Scavenger Hunt (n) – a game in which a group must collect a number of miscellaneous items.

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  • A Trip to the Theater

    Some of the ESL NYFA students watched a play in the United States for the first time. “I love this whole experience,” Esra Polat said, a first-year student from Turkey who wants to enroll in the Producing program.

    A Trip to the Theatre - Image 1

    NYFA ESL students take an outing to see a play


    The students took a morning trip to the TADA! Youth theater on 28th and Broadway for a delightful, unforgettable experience.

    The Educational Theater of New York produced a modified version of Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie.” The play was presented strictly to English language learners. After each scene, the students have the option to continue to the next scene or have the actors re-act the scene for better understanding. “The scene is more clear when we get to see it again. It’s what we needed,” said Kristina Kazanjian.

    A Trip to the Theatre - Image 2

    NYFA ESL students take an outing to see a play


    Vocabulary Builder

    1) Unforgettablehard to forget

    2) Modifiedchanged a little

    3) Strictlyspecific for

    4) Optiona choice

    5) Sessiona meeting

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  • Students of ESL School at NYFA Create Mock Commercial

    Students of The ESL School at NYFA took a break from grammar and ventured into the New York City subway to shoot a mock commercial.  Kristina Kazanjian, a first-year student in the ESL program from Kazakhstan said, “It was an interesting experience. I think it [commercial shoot] improved our knowledge of real-world conversations.”

    NYFA ESL Subway Mock Commercial

    The premise of the mock commercial was to show that T-Mobile had the best service when using your phone in an underground subway, an idea conceived by Yuka Hattori, a student from Japan who aspires to enroll in NYFA’s Broadcast Journalism program.

    Rebekah Wilson, ESL School at NYFA instructor says, “Students showed their dedication to the arts and learning by collaborating on the commercial project.”

    NYFA ESL Subway Mock Commercial

    Matching Activity!
    Match the words to the definitions below.


    1) Ventured

    2) Real-world

    3) Conceived

    4) Dedication

    5) Collaborating



    A. commitment

    B. form a plan or idea

    C. actual life experience

    D. set out; a journey

    E. work together as a group

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  • The Educational Theater of NYC

    People often think of Broadway when they hear New York City; however, the city also has a lot of amazing independent theaters. ESN-NYC recently took a trip to The Educational Theater of New York where the students watched two interactive plays back-to-back; The Open Window by H. H. Munro and The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant.

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  • ESN-NYC Whole Foods Scavenger Hunt

    Most people think language learning can only come from books or media but have you tried looking at the supermarket? The next time you go to buy food, try out your English, too. ESN-NYC went on a scavenger hunt this quarter at Whole Foods Market.

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  • Scavenger Hunt at The Getty Center!

    Recently, The ESL School at New York Film Academy (NYFA) – Los Angeles took a trip to The Getty Center in the Brentwood Neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The Getty Center is one of the most famous art centers in the greater Los Angeles area. The center sits on the top of a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains, overlooking a breathtaking view of the city and coastline. This is just one of the reasons tourists flock to this well-known attraction.

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  • Yay May! Summer’s around the Corner

    May gray got you down? Don’t worry, summer is right around the corner! The month of May kicks off rooftop movie screenings, barbecues, and Shakespeare in the Park in LA and NYC. Pretty soon the weather will be too beautiful to stay inside.

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  • April: Time to Put a Spring in Your Step!

    April is a wonderful month to GET OUTSIDE! Baseball, rooftop socializing, and picnicking are returning after the cold, wet months of winter. The days are definitely getting longer and it’s almost time to get out your shorts! Whether you’re in NYC or LA, you’ll find so many fun things to welcome the warmer weather.

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  • Rise & Shine, March is Here!

    Did you know that March is designated as Women’s History Month in the United States? Check the blog later in the month to see the fun activities ESN-NYC and ESN-LA will be doing to celebrate. In addition, spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, the days are becoming longer…breathe it in – things are about to start changing!

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