Halloween Spookiness

Fall in Los Angeles is a beautiful time of year. The palm trees sway in the cool breeze, the days are shorter, and the mornings are crisp. Autumn also means it’s time for Halloween!

ESN-LA celebrated with a costume party and the Level 5 Grammar & Writing class wrote collaborative spooky stories that were read to the students as they ate Halloween inspired snacks. Each student started writing a story and after three minutes, they passed their paper to another student to continue the storyline. 

Click on these links to hear the sinister stories from the imaginations of ESN students:

There are many ways to celebrate. Kids go trick-or-treating, adults go to costume parties, and others prefer to stay in and binge-watch horror films.

Want to find out more about the history of Halloween? Check out this clip:



sway (v) – gentle movement from side to side

crisp (adj) – fresh and cool

collaborative (adj) – more than one person working together to produce something

spooky (adj) – scary

sinister (adj) – frightening, disturbing

binge-watch (v) – watching multiple episodes of a show or movies right after each other