The ESL School at NYFA Visits The Price is Right!

Every quarter, ESN organizes a field trip to get the students out of the classroom to explore the city and use their English skills. This past quarter students attended a taping of one of the most exciting shows on television — The Price is Right!

Recently, ESN-LA students took a field trip to the famous The Price is Right game show, which is the longest-running show in the history of television. Chance, but mostly enthusiasm, gets you on the stage with the host, Drew Carey. If you are one of the lucky contestants, you get to play games to guess the price of household items, such as laundry detergent, or luxury items, such as cars.

First, the students were interviewed by staff members to see if they had the energy to “Come on down!” The atmosphere was lively and the music kept them dancing in their seats. Throughout the taping, students screamed answers to the contestants and analyzed the production style of the American game show. They also discussed the similarities and differences between American shows and those in their home countries during commercial breaks.

After clapping, cheering, and yelling for four hours, everyone was pleasantly exhausted. Even though none of the ESN students got to go on stage, they did a great job of bringing their energy and supporting those who were selected. Maybe next time you’ll see one of the ESN students “Come on down!” See if you can spot the ESN students in this episode!

Do you enjoy watching game shows? How would you feel if you were called on stage?

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