Restaurant Review: Exploring through Your Stomach

Have you ever visited a new city and had a hard time finding a great place to eat? If you find yourself in L.A., don’t worry! ESN-LA students have written reviews to guide your tastebuds in the right direction! Sai, a Level 5 student, recently visited Strada Eateria & Coffee in downtown. See what she thought of this new restaurant.

This restaurant is famous for its coffee, and L.A. has only four stores that make sand coffee. I am a fan of coffee and I had never tried to drink sand coffee. It was a sunny day and I was annoyed by the strong sunshine, but when we went in, I felt comfortable and pleased. The owner greeted me with a warm smile, the walls in the restaurant were full of art, and there was light coffee aroma in the air.

I chose the Turkish coffee and the nut basket recommended by the owner. I was amazed at the food’s appearance and the strange containers that the held intense flavor of coffee, and the tableware looked like several branches across the plate. With the aroma of coffee, I finished taking the pictures and drank a sip of coffee. “Amazing!” I had never known a cup of brewed coffee could have a strong fragrance with bitterness which was smooth and easygoing. (Usually I am uncomfortable with the espresso’s bitter taste and choose the latte instead.)

Although the nut basket looks beautiful, it has simple ingredients: chocolate with biscuit, a bowl of cream, and some strawberries and blackberries. Each strawberry had something inside it that made the strawberry a little springy. The cream also added something that made it sweet, but not too sweet and fatty, and not greasy.

When we finished our dessert, the owner sent us some samples of meat for their sandwiches. I have to say the meat was sooo fresh!

It’s a fantastic restaurant not only for their food, but also the owner’s friendliness. When he noticed I was preparing my homework, he showed me how to make the sand coffee and explained why the coffee has the mellow taste.

There are too many untried foods to reject going back to the restaurant again. I loved the eatery, its welcoming deliciousness, and the great artistic atmosphere!

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for sharing your experience, Sai. Check back for more reviews from ESN students!