Off to the Theatre

Some of the greatest learning happens outside the classroom! Last week, ESN-NYC attended a play adaptation of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafta. It’s a dark humor play about a man who turns into a strange creature.

The play was held at the Educational Theater of New York. The play was stopped between each scene to give students a chance to repeat or continue the story. This helped students’ listening skills and gave them an opportunity to ask about new expressions.

At the end of the show, the actors came back on the stage and answered questions in character. ESN student Snow shared that, “It was great to interview the cast. I’ve never had this kind of learning experience.”

This was a fun way for students to follow the narrative and to understand the characters on a deeper level. The next day, students discussed the story and tried to imagine themselves as the main character. A big round of applause for the cast and crew of Educational Theater for mixing learning and entertainment! Watch a bit of the process here:


metamorphosis (noun) – the process of slow change.

adaptation (noun) – when a book is turned into a movie or play.

dark humor (idiom) – describes something or someone that is funny but the topic is very serious.

in character (idiom) – describes when an actor continues to behave like his/her character after the play or film is finished.