NYC: The International Center for Photography

Hello, summer! Last week, ESN-NYC went to The International Center for Photography.

The weather was perfect, so first we stopped for vegan ice cream at Van Leeuwen’s. The sizes were huge and the ice cream came in interesting flavors and colors. Some eye-catching flavors were black sesame ashhoneycomb, and s’mores

The International Center for Photography is an all-in-one gallery, museum, and education center. The current exhibition features the work by Henri Cartier-Bresson. He was a famous French photographer but also spent a lot of time in New York City taking photos in the 1950s.

ESN student Mina commented, “Wow! I can learn a lot about New York City’s history through his art!”

Inspired by Bresson’s work, the students took photos of each other in creative ways, using the space as their own photo studio.

The students didn’t just learn more about the influential artist, but also about how to inspire each other. Inspiration can be found anywhere — on the train, in an ice cream shop, or even in your classroom. 

Wanna find out more about the artist? Check out this website!


vegan (adj) – a product that does not use any animal products like milk, honey, etc.

ash (n) – the light powder that a fire creates.

honeycomb (n) – the structure that bees make to hold their honey.

s’mores (n) – a classic camping treat made of graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate.

all-in-one (adj) – combining two or more things into one.

influential (adj) – someone or something that greatly impacts others.