Get Out There and Volunteer!

Did you know that volunteering has an incredible amount of benefits? Connecting with the community can help reduce loneliness and stress and increase happiness and health. Volunteering also provides a wonderful way to practice English! Take a look at what ESN-LA has been doing to connect with the Los Angeles community.

“Getting the students involved in the community is something that is very important for me,” says Associate Education Director Prima Gonzalez. “The students are learning English inside the classroom, which is great, but they also need opportunities to use the language outside of class.”

ESN students have recently volunteered at some pretty fun places — from a Hollywood dog adoption agency, to doing some gardening at the beautiful Descanso Gardens.

Alice, a Pre-College Level 6 student, really took advantage of these opportunities. When asked why she volunteered, Alice said, “I tried to volunteer more in different places and talk with people in different age groups, so my brain could keep active when I hear various English accents. Also, another reason why I am passionate to do volunteer job is because I get a positive influence from The ESL School. All my teachers show their passion to help me both in class and out of class. Especially Prima, who went two times to volunteer with me and my friends. It means a lot for us!”

Alice continued, “Although every student has different future plans, I recommend them to at least try to do volunteer jobs. Anyway, it’s not going to hurt them, but benefits for both practicing language and gaining interesting experiences. ”

Helping others is a great way to help yourself. Check back for more stories about how ESN students are giving back to their communities!