Film Fridays: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Most students have probably considered playing hooky at some point. While we don’t condone it, we definitely understand the need to sneak in a midweek break on occasion. Who better to school you on the perfect way to spend your day off than the cult idol and master of schemes, Ferris Bueller?

Recently, students at The ESL School at NYFA’s New York City campus were introduced to the expression “playing hooky” (not to be confused with playing hockey!). Students shared some interesting stories about weaseling their way out of work. While we would normally share some quotes from our students here, we thought it best not to make public any of their adventures…

After reviewing some key slang, students watched the opening scene of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” noting all of the creative ways that Ferris got his parents to fall for his ploy. The students then reviewed the script for the corresponding scene and acted it out. One student, Fabian, got into full character and used a scarf as a head bandage to really gain the sympathy of his “parents.” 

With the Film Friday lessons, we also like to review famous movie quotes that have worked their way into pop culture and are often used as references in conversation. The lesson was ended by playing the scene of Ben Stein rattling on in his monotone voice, repeating his famous line. Now, when students look at teacher Meghan blankly, she can imitate Stein’s flat voice and ask, “Anyone, anyone?”