Film Fridays at The ESL School at NYFA

Watching movies is a wonderful way to explore the English language. The ESL School at NYFA has introduced Film Fridays to bring students together to watch and discuss a wide variety of films. The first series of films in Los Angeles is Teachers’ Favorites. Students can learn a little more about their instructors through their choice of film. 

Of course, no movie experience would be complete without snacks! Students also enjoy classic munch-ables like popcorn and candy.

April 28 was the first film viewing in our Film Fridays series. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was selected by Prima Gonzalez, The ESL School at NYFA Los Angeles’ associate education director. The students were able to connect with a variety of themes touched upon throughout the film.

When asked why this is her favorite film, Gonzalez responded, “I love this film because it is quite poetic. It discusses our relationship with time and people. It also reminds the audience to see the beauty and importance of small moments.”

After the film, the students rated it on a five-star scale and provided analysis of what they did or didn’t like about the movie. Overall, “Benjamin Button” received a 4.5/5 rating from our students. Here are a few of their comments:

“It was really interesting subject matter. This movie tells us what life and death are, what the meaning of passing time in our life is, what destiny is, and there is love in the center.” (Jihyeon “G” Lee, Level 4)

“The main themes of this film are carpe diem and memento mori. Benjamin Button is special, but his life wasn’t special. We have to face our life and struggle while we are existing.” (Yukibumi Josha, Level 3)

“The director is very good and he is a good story teller. The story is interesting and the makeup is awesome.” (Yuan “Roger” Xu, Level 2)