Film Friday: Friday the 13th Edition

The students at ESN-LA recently celebrated the unluckiest day of the year with a screening of Get Out. Prima Gonzalez, the Associate Education Direction, made red velvet crime scene cupcakes for the students to eat, as well as popcorn which is a staple for movie watching!


Get Out is considered an important and relevant film. Its writer-director, Jordan Peele, recently won the 2018 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Box Office Mojo, which IMDB operates, states that the film has made over $250 million worldwide!

Chris, a young African-American photographer, accompanies his girlfriend to her parents’ home. The trip started out awkwardly, but then became horrifying! It provided an opportunity for students to discuss racial discrimination, different American English accents, and native-speaker dialogue.

Find out more about unlucky things and superstitions from around the world in the following TED-Ed clip:


staple (noun)- a main or important item

horrifying (adj.)- makes you feel shocked or scared

racial discrimination (noun)- treating someone unfairly or differently because of their race or ethnic origin

dialogue (noun)- conversation between two or more people

superstitions (noun)- beliefs based on supernatural causes, usually considered illogical