ESN-LA Goes to the Hollywood Bowl

In the heart of LA lies the Hollywood Bowl, arguably one of the most famous music venues in the United States. It’s prominence stems from its long history of iconic performances, from American musicians like Frank Sinatra to the world-famous The Beatles. Our students got the chance to explore the inside, learn about the architectural design of the building, and — most importantly — be immersed in its colorful history.

On the first part of the tour, ESN-LA students caught a glimpse of the interior of the building, a vast landscape of carefully planned seating, which can hold up to 17,500 people. We had the chance to trek all the way to the top to get a full view of the inside. Our tour guide informed us that our visit coincided with a same-day concert by Queen Latifah, famous American actress and singer. (Too bad we didn’t get a chance to see her rehearse!)

After getting some early morning exercise, students headed to the museum for the Hollywood Bowl, which offers insight into the Bowl’s history. Our tour guide started by explaining some interesting facts about the Bowl’s history, and then showed us the first architectural plans for the building, designs which progressed into the recognizable image we see today. Next, the students got to head upstairs to discover the musical history of artists who have played at the Bowl. The museum even offered an interactive experience for the students to listen to live performances performed at the Bowl throughout the years.

We ended the day with a picnic outdoors in the beautiful LA weather, where students brought snacks and food from home to share. Students went home having explored facets of the city around them that usually go unexplored. They got to learn that despite its many more modern famous sites and buildings, Los Angeles is a city with a beautifully vivid past.


prominence (n.) – the state of being important or famous

iconic (adj.) – widely recognized and well-established; classic

catch a glimpse of (idiom) – to see something for a small amount of time

trek (n.) – a journey made on foot

insight (n.) – the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of a person or thing

interactive (adj.) – involving the actions or input of a user

facet (n.) – a particular aspect or feature of something