Downtown L.A. Theater Tour

Disney Concert Hall |

When people think about the city of Los Angeles, the first thing that comes to mind is film. While Hollywood is very important to the city, theater also has a long and vibrant history. Read about our adventures through some of L.A.’s world famous theaters.

After dragging themselves up the hill from the Metro station in Downtown Los Angeles, NYFA’s ESL students were met with the history and magic of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Its sleek and modern architecture welcomed them inside where they spent the next two hours immersed in the stories that make the building come alive. Envisioned by Lillian Disney and designed by Frank Gehry, this iconic structure is known all over the world, not only for its appearance, but also for its advanced acoustic qualities. Home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this venue holds musical and theatrical performances daily.

Docent Tour | Downtown L.A. Theater Tour |

All of the students and several of the instructors traveled through the halls and crevices of this incredible structure for the first time, taking photos, asking questions, and learning about all of its intricacies. During the trip, the group was also lucky enough to visit the other three buildings that make up the Symphonia 4 Theater Tour: The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Mark Taper Forum, and The Ahmanson Theatre. Students sat in each of the buildings’ performance venues and received detailed presentations from the docent about the design, lighting, stage placement, and so much more.

Theater Tour | Downtown L.A. Theater Tour |

A Level 3 student said, “It was a nice change to relax and go somewhere new, outside Burbank. We learned a lot of information we can share about the famous buildings.”

Downtown L.A. Theater Tour |

In the heart of Los Angeles the students walked back to the subway with a deeper knowledge of the city that surrounds them. Their cameras captured and keep this unique, insightful experience centered around art, music, and architecture in LA. Instructor Kendall noted, “This was a good opportunity for students to venture out of their neighborhood and experience a small slice of the culture that the city has to offer.”

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sleek (adj.)- shiny and smooth

immerse (v.)- to be involved deeply in something

envision (v.)- visualize, imagine

iconic (adj.)- an important representative, well-known

acoustic (adj.)- related to sound

crevices (n.)- narrow spaces

intricacies (n.)- details

docent (n.)- a volunteer guide