5 Useful Creative Arts Words

The ESL School at NYFA is the English language school for creative arts. We take every opportunity to infuse our curriculum with creative arts activities, classes, and vocabulary. Here are five of our favorite vocabulary words from the month of May.

1. avant-garde (adj.) – used to describe a person or art that uses new, experimental, or radical ideas.  Ex: Emiko’s new short film is avant-garde. I’ve never seen anything like it!

2. juxtaposition (n.) – the result of placing two things side by side for intense contrast or comparison. Ex: The juxtaposition between the wallabies, one a real, one a sculpture, is an exploration of art imitating life.


3. superficial (adj.) negative connotation – lacking depth, attention is only given to the surface of something or someone. Ex: Some people think fashion is superficial, however, it should be appreciated as art.

4. have an eye for (idiomatic phrase) – to be good at noticing certain details or a specific kind of thing.  Ex: Eric has an eye for black and white photography. His framing and subject matter are so unique and thoughtful.

5. critique (v.) – detailed judgment of writing, art, or other work; a review of the good and the bad qualities. Ex: The students tried to give each other helpful advice during the peer critique.

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Published on: May 12, 2017

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