5 Questions with Erika Ueda: Education Director at The ESL School at NYFA San Jose

The ESL School at NYFA had a chance to catch up with Erika Ueda, our San Jose campus’ education director. Get to know Ms. Ueda a bit by seeing her answers to our 5 questions, below:

1. What do you enjoy most about your work at The ESL School at NYFA?

It’s difficult to say what I enjoy MOST. I enjoy seeing students make progress in their studies, talking and laughing with the students, and seeing students use English to communicate with each other and build friendships. I also enjoy learning about regulations for F-1 students and making announcements for the boards.

2. What do you do in your spare time?

I look around my apartment and make a mental list of the places that need cleaning/dusting, listen to music on youtube, Spotify, or K-LOVE, watch QVC, take 15-minute naps, go to Starbucks, and daydream.

3. If you could learn anything what would it be?

I would like to learn ventriloquy.

4. Who are your role models?

My older sister. She’s very laid back, has a great sense of humor, and is always aiming higher. At the moment, she’s finishing up her Ph.D. thesis.

5. Where is your favorite place to travel? Where would you like to go next?

This is a difficult question! If I had to choose one place, I would say Italy. I would like to travel around Japan to see my family and friends and eat good Japanese food.

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Published on: April 13, 2017

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