Foodies of L.A., Truck On!

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What’s your fancy today? Will it be Kogi BBQ, Burger Bombay, or Hummus Yummy? Maybe you’re more in the mood for Big Green Bow, The Grilled Cheese Truck, or perhaps even Ragin’ Cajun. The possibilities are limitless day or night! Explore the food truck culture of L.A.

The idea of the food truck is not new to Los Angeles. The city has had a long-standing relationship with food trucks, due to the entertainment industry’s demand for on-site catering. However, everything changed in 2008, when the owner of Kogi BBQ had the brilliant idea to use a new form of communication “tweeting” to let his customers know where and when they could find the Kogi truck at any given time of day. A food revolution was born!

Today, the variety of great food together with the fun restaurant-on-wheels experience attracts “foodies” all over Los Angeles and in many other major cities in the U.S. Here in L.A., there are many go-to locations where several food trucks gather — a tactic that is beneficial to both the restaurant owners and their customers. One of the prime locations for this gathering of food choices is the Miracle Mile area. Located along Museum Row on Wilshire Boulevard, museum goers together with people who work in this part of the city have made this location not only popular, but indispensable! Recently, the ESL students and teachers of ESN had the opportunity to sample some of the delicious food fare that can be found at this location. For some, it was the first time they had experienced this American phenomenon.

Digging In |

Kerry (Instructor) and Dillion (Level 4 Student) Chowing Down!

Dillon, a student from China, commented, “I really like food trucks because they are so easy to find and there are so many choices of food.” Alistar, another ESN student, often eats at food trucks. “Our trip to the food trucks wasn’t my first time. I’ve eaten at them many times outside of NYFA. I really like them!”

Have a yen for the Lobsta Truck today? That’s not a problem? Just take a look at “Roaming Hunger,” the internet site that tells you exactly where and when you can find your very favorite cuisine!  No matter what culinary delights you crave, the streets of our city are your source. Foodies of Los Angeles, truck on!

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fancy (n.) – something you like very much

foodie (n.) – a person with a strong interest or knowledge of food

long-standing (adj.) – existing or continuing for a logn time

revolution (n.) – a big change

tactic (n.) – a strategy or plan

indispensable (adj.) -very valued and necessary

phenomenon (n.)- an event, something that happens

have a yen for (idiom) – to have a desire or want for something

culinary (adj) – for cooking or baking

crave (v.) – to strongly desire something