A Trip to the Petersen Auto Museum

Group Shot at the Petersen Museum | www.eslnyfa.edu

This August, students of The ESL School at NYFA (ESN) took a trip to the Petersen Auto Museum to explore and admire the amazing collection of vehicles on display. Many of the students took out their smart phones and SLR cameras to capture the extraordinary beauty of these cars and motorcycles.

Taking Photos at the Petersen Museum | www.eslnyfa.edu

It was very cool to be so close in distance to the automobiles that were used in famous movies, like the Lightning McQueen from the Disney/Pixar movies “Cars” and “Cars 2″; the Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond film: “Skyfall”; the Ferrari 308 GTS Targa, which was driven by one of Instructor Prima’s favorite actors, Tom Selleck, in “Magnum P.I.”; and of course, the infamous Batmobile from the movie “Batman Returns.”  

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was when some of the students and instructors participated in an interactive racing game – Arush from Level 5 came in first place, but Instructor Kerry came in last place! Being a race car driver definitely requires some mad driving skills!  

After viewing the array of automobiles on display, the students were ready to head back to school in the NYFA van – too bad we couldn’t take one of the Bugatti cars back with us!

Petersen Auto Museum | www.eslnyfa.edu

Race car driving!